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Below are stories we receive regularly from our listeners. We share them here to illustrate the wide variety of effects that can occur. Got a story to share? Let Us Know!

What a gift these are!
After working with the Foundation 2 series for several weeks, I ordered the Light Body. Oh my goodness! What a gift these are! I'm so grateful that Karen and Kevin (and Eben Alexander) have chosen to hear and follow their divine purposes. We all benefit. There is nothing like these recordings out there. I've sampled hundreds of meditative, sleep-aiding, creativity-inducing, brainwave entraining sound recordings, and these are in a class alone.
- Anne H.

I could go on at length about the restorative benefits of these CDs but it’s the physical one that is particularly intriguing. After hard physical work when you come in tired and worn out with muscles aching, normally, once you sit and relax the muscles naturally seize up and you find you are stiff and tender. But now, I relax with one of your CDs and find I am restored, not only mentally but I get no stiffness or muscle pain - this is weird isn’t it? I don’t know how it works but it’s brilliant – particularly because it means, after some hard work, you don’t lose your energy and quality of life for the rest of the day – Brilliant! BTW when I describe your products to people I always add the comment “It’s like having 40 minutes off the planet”... and it is!

So fantastic, I hate to stop!
I am very encouraged by my stroke recovery progress after starting with Sacred Acoustics! I have been listening to the extended Light Body (non verbal) recording almost constantly. I keep it on the repeat mode and at a low enough volume so that I do fine with ordinary conversation as I go about my daily activity. The results with constant listening of Light Body are so fantastic, I hate to stop! Maharishi Mahesh Yogi talked about how spontaneous right action, joy, peace, discernment, precognition, etc. increases with increased exposure to pure consciousness and I have noticed that increase through the years of doing Transcendental Meditation. However, I have never noticed as dramatic growth in spontaneous right action, precognition, discernment, joy, etc. since starting the constant listening to Light Body. I know the experience of time in bliss consciousness and the after glow and it has definitely increased!
- Bill Sawyer

Great dreams!
I’ve been listening for the past four nights to the free download as I’ve gone to sleep. As it turns out, I’ve had great dreams! The reason I’ve taken notice is because I normally have very disturbing dreams and sometimes nightmares. This has been an unexpected and wonderful experience.
- Nanci Lane

80% better
I have a daughter that has extreme explosive behavior. The Sacred Acoustic meditation CD’s (Know Yourself and Healing Center) turned her life around. It was like a light switch was turned on in her brain and calmed her down. She is 80% better right now and only has extreme behavior when there is transition of any kind. Although she seems to have overcome these issues faster. Instead of a 30 minute-1 hour outburst it’s now only up to 5-10 minutes. She has only been listening for 3 weeks. I’m hopeful that she will continue to get better the longer that she listens to them. I also have a co-worker that was on Ambian for sleeping every day. I gave her the Sacred Sleep CD and from the first night she was able to sleep. She is now completely off Ambian. She is in disbelief that this has worked for her but is so grateful that it did. I can’t say enough great comments about the mediation CD’s. They absolutely work.
- Beth

Thank you for this amazing gift
I had the chance to attend the February 5 conference in Paris with Eben Alexander and Karen Newell. The title could be: "Activated Energies and Joy." I use the recordings without words because I do not understand the spoken American. Fortunately I read English. Karen Newell had the kindness to send me the texts used for the recordings with lyrics. You will excuse the simplicity of my message and my faults. I bought the Foundation Series 2 and Light Body recordings a month ago. OM: A gentle energy settles in my spine and from head to toe. My chakras are activated. My hands are overheating. Currents of fresh air circulate around my skull. After listening, joy and happiness all day; everything is perfect. BLUE: Sweet energy and joy; my chakras are activated, my hands overheat, my consciousness is broad and expanding, the horizon expands and disappears, I am no longer locked up on earth. After listening, joy. LIGHT BODY: Energized energy from head to toe. My hands are overheating. My chakras are activated. After listening, I am present at my joy. I am physically nourished by Light: the appetite for physical nourishment diminishes. THANK YOU to everyone for all the very informative and encouraging testimonials. Remains to be seen what will happen in a few months or years... Very big thanks to Eben Alexander and Karen Newell. You have done a wonderful job with the sound acoustics. Thank you for this amazing gift.
- Dominique Ledoyen

My mother felt connected with everything
My mother has been doing the Om that we downloaded free for trial. She's trying to heal her brain since she is experiencing some kind of dementia. Her symptoms are not remembering things very well. Today sunday Feb 12, 2017 she did it sitting up by herself. She tells me that she fist felt very relaxed, she tried to calm her brain trying not to think of anything, then she felt something very strange, she felt like she was expanding her whole body, like it was getting bigger and bigger, a feeling of freedom. She then felt that she started shaking a little, and she felt that she got out of her body and felt connected with everything. She got nervous but decided not to look at her body, just feel it. She started thinking about her brain and to start healing her brain. She was thankful for the healing, and feeling just grateful. She tells me that she felt that she wasn't one, she was part of everything, something magnificent, that her body was too small. Then she felt a shaking and didn't like it, and started coming back. She felt compressed. She says that she will do it everyday, she says its easy to get addicted to this. Thank you very much for your meditations. I will do them too for my own healing, and for the best life I can have.
- Paulina

Such a relaxed zone, I can't believe it!
I ordered these products over a week ago - and I'm thrilled! I have been doing my morning meditations listening to them. I just finished Light Body: WOW! You have all done a wonderful job with the sound acoustics. I normally don't like listening to anything with binaural beats, but what you've created sets my body into such a relaxed zone, I can't believe it. THANK YOU! I'm hooked! I own 5 of them already! I'll be coming back for more for sure! Thanks again.
- Heather Driscoll

Physical and Spiritual Senses are Heightened

I have been using the Sacred Light Body for a couple of days and am so amazed at the effects! Although I have been meditating for many years, the first and every time I've used your amazing recording my awareness stays focused the whole time and afterward both my physical and spiritual senses are heightened. I've always been sensitive to vibrational energy and the Sacred Light Body is enhancing this sensitivity and helping me become more grateful and joyful throughout the day. My sleep has also improved, since I had been having difficulties after going off hormones. Thank you for this amazing gift!
- Maggie Williams

Responded Deeply to the Vibrations
I was amazed at the instant quieting effect of the recording. My whole body, but especially my heart area, responded totally and deeply to the vibrations and sounds emanating from the chanting and the drumming.  Thank you so much for the free Om download, I plan to play it every day that I can.
- Vivian Franck

Amazing recordings

The Foundation Series audio meditations have enhanced my life, personally and professionally. I have always had intuitive capabilities but, until a few years ago, kept this skill a secret. Initially I communicated most easily with animals. As a certified veterinary technician, I’d use my intuitive skills to assist with the health and behavioral issues of our clients’ pets. Over time, clients of the clinic became aware of my psychic ability and requested readings. Now much of my free time is devoted to providing readings. I continually seek new tools and resources to enhance and support my practice. Sacred Acoustics audio recordings have been particularly beneficial, especially when listened to prior to performing readings. Overall, I find the Foundation Series very relaxing. It’s almost like being hypnotized. The sounds have opened messages more clearly for me. I have a greater awareness of getting from here on earth to the higher consciousness. And my readings are becoming increasingly detailed and accurate as I use the recordings more frequently. Thank you for creating these amazing recordings.

- Leslie Williams

I lose my body sensation and become free

When I heard the 20 minute CDs became available (Heart Presence), I was excited. Just knowing "only" 20 minutes and not 30 minutes made it feel much easier to cut out and incorporate into my schedule. Since I can drop down to the deep state quickly, 20 minutes meditation does not feel too short for me. Especially with Sacred Acoustics CDs, it is very much so. When I have more time, I can go to another session of 20 minutes or another longer CD.

I use my brain candy (it seems this term has been used often already. Shall I call it my brain ice cream?) as a signal for going deep. It is interesting to feel that certain tone stimulates certain area of my brain just like a ping pong ball hitting gently different parts of my brain. I am not even sure if my experience correlates technologically but when the tone starts stimulating the deep center of my brain, that sensation always feels like a candy melting away and I can go deep into the crevice of the other dimension. I lose my body sensation and become free. I am always looking for this brain candy. (The location of stimuli feels so specific to me. What is that part? It feels deeper than cerebrum and more central than hippocampus. Hypothalamus? Pituitary?)

I tried different things with 20 minutes CDs. I flew to some beautiful areas, invited my spiritual guides, went to past lives, etc. I am planning to experiment distant healing. I wish to do each small bite at a time. A small candy at a time. This 20 minute version gives me an incentive to do my practice more constantly. Thank you so much.

- Inu

My True Nature

I have enjoyed Om and use it nearly every morning before starting my day. It mirrors the vibrations I have experienced in out of body experiences I have had a few times that have begun in the past year. I'm allows me to easily transcend the boundaries of my "skin", or body, reminding me of my true nature as I begin the day. I welcome the imagery and clarity that comes with the meditation.
- Shana

Better Sleep

Now, for the past month or so, I have been sleeping and dreaming; due to the Sacred Deep Sleep. This is something that hasn’t literally happened in years. I have tried Valerian root, but it makes me mentally foggy throughout the day. Now, I go to sleep within 10-15 minutes, and sleep until my alarm goes off. Plus, I can remember most if not all of the themes of dreams that I had the night before.
- Rick C.

Turn Off the Thinking/Analyzing Mind

The first thing I noticed was that I was immediately put into a state where my left brain was turned way way down, almost completely off. Unlike standard binaural technology, I didn't experience it as a stressor to my nervous system. I felt myself enveloped in a grey-ish nothingness. Afterward listening to it [Om] my mind remains turned off to a large degree. This is hands down the most potent track for turning off the thinking/analyzing mind I have come across.
- Anonymous

Most Peaceful, Relaxing and Profound Meditation

The first thing I noticed when the Om voices began was a sense of familiarity about something I couldn't put my finger on. Then it was like I was divided in two: part of me really noticed what pains I had in my body, and part of me was extremely at peace, like a child curled up and totally relaxed in a loving parents lap. I had imagery, too. In one scene I was with strangers yet relaxed. We were standing around what seemed to be a fridge, they were young and very artistic in appearance. I was gazing at softly glowing red objects on a raised platform. There were three of these objects: two lying down, one upright. The scene was grayscale except for the glowing oblong objects. When I was brought into the heartbeat phase, I noticed all my body pains were gone at that point. This was the most peaceful, relaxing and profound meditation I have ever done. Thank you.
- Penny A.

Evolutionary Leap

As a 25+ year adept of Robert Monroe's Hemi-Sync audio technology, you can understand my skepticism when I first heard of Sacred Acoustics at an Eben Alexander lecture.  I thought "this sounds just like Hemi-Sync, hmmm".  Well, on the surface, it is.  But the vibratory quality of the audio production is unique.  After a full consecutive year of Sacred Acoustics usage, I am confident in saying that the dynamics engaged through this set of products is an evolutionary leap beyond anything done in many years with the Monroe products.  In fact, Sacred Acoustics is what I have been waiting for from Monroe for some time, but have sadly not received.  The Monroe work is still valid and important in every way for humankind's evolution of consciousness - Sacred Acoustics just helps accelerate our options for getting there in a way that Hemi-Sync has not advanced for many years, and at a level of quality of which I'm confident Robert Monroe himself would approve. 

The free download of Om hooked me immediately. My entrainment was very rapid, and it was clear this product was lovingly engineered for optimal results.

The full Foundation Series can't be beat!  Om in its entirety is just perfect for daily meditation practice.  Blue I find personally very valuable, and is probably what I need most to help keep me tuned-in to 'me'.  Portal is simply unique.  Deep entrainment with higher consciousness.  The corollary to Hemi-Sync for me is the Gateway Experience.  But Portal (in my humble opinion) gets you to the same place faster.  Admittedly, because of my years of use of Hemi-Sync maybe it just gets *me* there faster because I've already worn-in a path, so to speak. But the power of its attunement ability is very clear.

Healing Center is the other product that I come back to as a constant.  I tend to go to sleep with this one at night to help augment my body's natural healing cycle.  Otherwise it's just very complimentary with other healing exercises I do regularly.  It's terrific preventative health-care!

- Brian Comerford

Blown Away

I have used many binaural products and must say was BLOWN AWAY by yours. You guys are on to something :-)
- Lisa W.

Kundalini Activation
I have been meditating with Sacred Acoustics since the beginning, over two years ago, usually daily so, using Portal, and recently Crystal Portal. When I heard that Sacred Acoustics had released a new product called Light Body that included gamma frequencies, I immediately purchased it because I had been very interested in gamma waves for several weeks and had many synchronicities pointing to their importance in consciousness.

In August, the second time I used Light Body, I started feeling an intense column of buzzing electric energy rise to my heart, throat and sinuses. I was so surprised by the intensity that I immediately stopped the tape and calmed myself down. I think I experienced a Kundalini activation that day, because it was followed by two intense weeks of energetic sensations through my body, and a great acceleration of my mind. I had never felt anything even remotely similar, even though I have been doing astral travel for two years and I am very familiar with the vibrational stage that precedes the projection, where I feel my vibrating energy body.

Since then, I have used Light Body many times, and enjoy the deep states I reach with it. Two of my friends have also used this product and they both like it.

Then in October, I got two more similar energy surges while listening to Light Body. The second one was much milder, but the exact same buzzing electric energy rising up. The third time was extremely intense, and the energy went straight to my hands and knees. The electric, buzzing sensations there were very intense for the whole duration of the tape, while my whole body was buzzing. Each time, these energetic surges happened very shortly after the toning section. And I again experienced blissful and powerful energetic sensations for a couple weeks after the third surge.

There are no doubts in my mind that Light Body had powerful effects on me. Since August I have experienced a greatly increased wave of creativity. I am also grateful for Portal and Crystal Portal, which bring me deep states.

I also would like to express my gratitude for Sacred Acoustics products and for Dr. Eben Alexander's book 'Proof of Heaven'. I had my initial radical, sudden awakening from materialism/atheism out-of-the-blue while reading 'Proof of Heaven' in 2012. Then I had the honor to see Karen Newell and him in person in 2013 at The Villages in Florida at a workshop. So I am not surprised if this new shift is also happening with Sacred Acoustics, and I am very grateful for the way Eben Alexander facilitated this tremendous change in my life.
- Karen Miller

Pain Management

I do not remember what it feels like not to be in pain. This is my reality living with idiopathic peripheral neuropathy. My pain is the beast that lives with me 24/7, never relenting, never going away…..except…. when I practice meditate/deep prayer using the meditation guides from Sacred Acoustics. I most often use the guides from the Foundation Series. I encourage anyone dealing with the issues that confront all of us to take advantage of these helpful meditation guides. I must always come back and live with what is, but knowing, just knowing….it’s ok.
- Don Brown, Loveland Colorado in the winter and Hope Alaska In the summer!

Amazing Sense of Compassion

I have been using Light Body for couple of weeks and have noticed: Lots of energy movement in crown chakra, vivid dreams, many of them I can recall for couple of days. Also, I can sense energies in 3rd eye and several times I had beautiful visions in mind's eye. I still can't believe how calm and happy I became, my anxieties and bad mood gone in one day, now I clearly sense that I am not on my own, something is guiding me through life. The sense of compassion I feel now is just amazing, I can't describe it in other words. Finally I am able to think about my ex and don't get angry, just compassion and gratefulness for meeting her as a beautiful soul. I started to smoke a lot less, eat more vegetables and fruits without thinking about it, just doing it naturally. I could write pages on how Light Body changed my life for better in just couple of weeks... I tried many products which contained Gamma brainwaves, but they were too "harsh" for me, but this program changed it all, it's a superb product for this ridiculously small price and I recommend it to everyone who wants to feel deeply loved, extremely calm, wash away attachments, negative thoughts. I STRONGLY BELIEVE it can "cure" ADHD, anxiety attacks or even depression if used everyday.
- Domas Kucinskas, Lithuania

Mind Chatter Didn't Win

One thing I noticed listening to Blue [Foundation Series] was that when my mind started its chatter, which it does quite often, I had two states of mind going on at the same time. I still felt calm, peaceful, relaxed, and in the original meditative state, but somehow the old noise was also there. It didn't bother me like it has in the past with other programs I've used. Just listened to it, and went back to the meditation. Loved this aspect. I usually end up giving in to the chatter because it's so loud. It didn't win this time.
- Linda M.

Aiding in My Recovery

Sacred Acoustics was introduced to me by a friend a little over a month ago. I listened to the 19/20 minute sample with my eyes closed and focused on clearing my mind. When the sample ended I was amazed that I was able to sit there, relax and focus on my breath for the entire time.

I struggle with emotional dysregulation issues and have been in a 6 month therapy program known as Dialectical Behavioral Therapy. It has worked wonders for me; however, I still felt there was a piece missing. I felt very empty and felt a tremendous amount of emotional pain. I found myself bouncing back and forth like a ping pong ball between hopelessness and helplessness. For 2 weeks I listened to the sample minimum 3 times a day until my CD’s [Foundation Series] arrived. Once they had I started to listen to CD 1 [Om], I still haven’t tried the other ones because the first one is working so well. Soon I will move on, I am just so thankful to have a sense of peace and calmness in my life that I am nervous to change things. Sacred Acoustics helped bring full circle my ability to function at what I consider a normal level. I notice that since I have been practicing I find myself able to have a few seconds between stimulus and response and for me that is a game changer.

In those 3 seconds I am able to evaluate what it is I want in the situation, how I need to respond in order to get it and then act in a way that keeps me aligned with the ideal me, my goals and the path I want to be on. The Sacred Acoustic CD’s are really aiding in my recovery and I am so thankful to have discovered and thankful to you and those who helped put it into action to be a life saver. My life was riddled with constant thoughts of suicide and that is no way to live. I don’t have to survive anymore, I can live. I look forward to the many more benefits these CD’s bring me and I thank you again for hearing me out.
- Ethan

Clearing and Pleasant

Earth [Foundation Series] felt very relaxing, my body was tired so I did go in and out of sleep which was nice. I felt it was both grounding or calming and other times lots of energy vibrating or really pulsating through my body. Felt like energy would come in and shake stuff up and then integrate. Felt very clearing and pleasant.
- William D.

Overwhelmed with Being Unconditionally Loved

The Sacred Sleep CD has helped both my sister and I to improve our sleep. Thank you for your work. I find the Foundation Series very powerful, especially the Portal one. I am overwhelmed with feelings of being unconditionally loved when I use it. Thank you.
- M. Hickey

Deepening My Meditation

I have been meditating for more than 17 years and the prospect of deepening my meditation was what attracted me to your Foundation Series. The Series is wonderful, and I love the Portal, which is especially relaxing and uplifting, and these effects last well beyond the session. Thank you for this wonderful gift.
- M.V.

Launching Pad to the Universe

The sounds and frequencies of the Blue [Foundation Series] feel like coming home. For me, this is the absolute sweet spot. It is my launching pad to the universe and all the realms within. Thank you so much for this wonderful contribution to global consciousness.
- Peter E.

I Am Blown Away

I just bought the Foundation Series after hearing about this company on an interview. I've spent the last year using the products from another company that has a contemplative focus, so I really wasn't about to spend much more money on yet more entrainment products. But so far I am blown away. That other companies does a lot with energy transmission but subtle energies are actually pretty easy to work with and are a relatively superficial level to our nature. What I've learned from the teacher A.H. Almaas that the deeper levels of our nature is qualities of presence, what he calls "essential states". SA's appears to be just what I'm looking for. Somewhere that can actually catalyze transmission of these qualities of presence.

This track [Om] reminds me of what Almaas and the Sufi's (and Christian esoterists) call that black lataif or black essence. I could almost say that it's like the quality of emptiness and presentness. It has a way of tuning down your mind, and unlike cheaper entrainment programs, does not seem to hit your mind like a sludge hammer, it is enticing and mesmerizing to listen to. I felt in my body but sort of expanded or in a psychedelic state. Something that only occurs in occasional meditation or breathwork.

After listening to this track I felt like I was genuinely more myself. A feeling of being more alive, less serious. That unmistakable feeling that occurs after a long period of meditating or psychological integration where you surrender to who you are and are simply yourself.

I love this sound transmission and cannot wait to dive into it further and to see what SA will create next!
- Anonymous

Vivid and Powerful

This was a very vivid and powerful journey. I especially like how many different states and dimensions are invoked simultaneously. It's a much richer experience than I've had with other binaural beat-based programs.

In the Earth [Foundation Series] experience, as soon as the Earth frequency kicked in, my busy mind completely stopped, and I felt my scattered energy return to me as my body energy sunk down into a calm and peaceful place.

As Earth progressed, I felt the delicate symphony of all of Earth's rhythms and how they all work together harmoniously. At first, I felt the Earth's rotation and spin. Then I felt the rhythm of day and night - it felt like the sun warming my face, then the cool night air. I then felt the tidal rhythms and the wind patterns through my body's energy field. Then I felt the seasonal changes.

About mid-way through, I felt the energy of birth as a surge of energy though my body, and then the quiet retreat into the calm of death. These were very powerful sensations.

Towards the end, I felt a sense of being lifted above the Earth and shown its greater place in the cosmos.
- Kris R.

Best Meditation Experience I've Had

I was very pleasantly surprised at how pleasurable the experience was with no music at all. After a few minutes, with each chanting of "Om," I could see a spiral before my eyes which looked like it was made out of white smoke. Sometimes it spiraled clockwise and sometimes counter-clockwise. This was sometimes accompanied by ink-like flowerings of darkness against a lighter background. Several times I did hear myself snoring, but I was still very aware. The sound of the beats at the end was surprising, but not unpleasant. I felt like I was being sucked back and up from a deep place very quickly. The sound was like a jet engine and yet not loud. With the return came a vision with great clarity behind my closed eyelids. It was like looking into a very clear pool of water. I noticed my heart beat had synchronized to the heart beat in the recording. I had lost all sense of the outer world around me and felt very grateful for that. This was definitely the best meditation experience I have ever had. I highly recommend this meditation format to anyone. I intend to use it every day. So thankful for Dr. Alexander's book which lead me to this discovery!
- Katherine H.

Calm Connection with Everything

Blue [Foundation Series] felt like a calm flow or riding a wave effortlessly. Didn't have a specific experience in a linear plot-line way of a journey, but there was a feeling of calm connectedness with everything. Being in the body and elsewhere at the same time. The wave aspect was a flow between being or feeling more in my body at times and less so in others like an ocean wave flowing in to the shore and ebbing out. I keep wanting describe it as being everywhere and nowhere.
- William D.

Army Ants Stopped with Om

I am writing to give you an amazing testimonial of something strange that occurred a few days ago here in the deep jungle of Costa Rica, regarding the OM cd and it's effect on Army Ants.

First off, some background on Army Ants.

Army ants are big, black powerful "clean up" ants (their nickname) that invade your house by the thousands, and require at all times, that you vacate the premises when they arrive, because their no.s are so enormous, and their sting so intense, you would be silly to stick around while they work - it's best to just leave and return at dusk, when their work always ends.

Army Ants move into your house in a matter of minutes, and you can find your house infested with literally hundreds to thousands of ants that can turn a white wall practically solid black as they crawl through your house looking for dead animals, insect debris, whatever needs hauling away. They are natures disaster clean up team, and they mean business! Don't ever disturb an army ant invasion because they are super heros and can turn on you if you try to disrupt them. They are also super fast, because, as I mentioned, they can literally take over your entire house, floor to ceiling (even multiple stories) in a matter of minutes.

So there I was, giving a psychic reading at my desk, on the second story of my house in the jungle. My client had paid for a 15 min. reading, and I was at minute 12. I noticed some movement outside my window. To my sudden shock, when looking closer, I saw hundreds of army ants on the deck outside my window, and they were heading for my office window. With respect to my client, I didn't say a word, but kept focus on her reading.

In less than a minute they were entering the room via the window, and in no time at all, their no.s were in the thousands, and the white wall in front of me, supporting the window, was turning black. I couldn't wait for the reading to end...only one more minute to go.... By now, I had to climb up onto my chair, as my feet had already received three bites from the ants now covering the floor and moving towards the kitchen adjacent to my office.

When the reading was over, I grabbed the computer to turn it off, still standing on my chair, but by accident I pressed the ITunes button, and the OM cd, which was locked inside my computer, suddenly belted out of the speakers which were facing the wall above the window next to my desk, which was now a blanket of black ants racing towards the ceiling. The music blasted "OMMMMMMM"...for about 3 seconds, until I could turn it off and get out of there as fast as possible.

But in that moment something amazing happened! All, and I mean ALL the army ants on that particular wall, where the speakers were facing, froze, as if they had been either shocked, or hypnotized, because they did not move at all after that. All of the ants on that particular wall, didn't move one bit, seemingly dead! Meanwhile, none of the other ants on the floor or in the next room were affected, only the ants on the wall where the speakers blasted "OMMMM." I monitored them for several minutes, as I was packing things up before my narrow escape.

It was so bizarre, and even after 10 minutes, I came back to peek in the window from the balcony, they were still frozen, paralyzed so to speak. I was fairly certain now that they were dead. I had to leave of course, and came back at sunset. (Army ants never work past 5). The house was clear, all the ants were now gone, including the frozen ones.

Perhaps this story doesn't mean much if you don't know army ants. All I can say it was a sort of weird miracle, but I will state that the OM cd, can literally freeze army ants. I'm a live witness! It was unbelievable.
- Sally Rice,

Profoundly Relaxed

I went into this exercise [Om] having had a lot of input all day so it took awhile for me to settle down. I did then transition into a profoundly relaxed but relatively alert state. I did at times experience almost dream-like sequences of images which all had a common thread/theme of reaching out to others to help in different ways. There was definitely the sense of our all being in this (whatever "this" is) together and helping one another along. There were also a number of images of birthing/rebirthing. All very interesting. Overall, a very wonderful experience. Also, something else I have noticed with these exercises is that I never feel groggy or out of it. I always feel well rested and fully alert. Thanks!
- Clifford W.

Took Me into a Deeper State

I liked the clearness of the voice instruction in the beginning. I have a hard time quieting my mind so focusing on Let & Go with inhalation and exhalation helped me a lot. The transition to Om was easy for me. I really liked that there were a couple of different tones of Om. Also being short winded I was able to take breaths when I needed to and still feel like I was in sync. I liked the duration of the oming. I experienced seeing finger tips of two hands touching then diving into a pool of water with ripples extending out. Having the sounds of Om, water, and the heart beat really took me into a deeper state.
- Linda M.

Increased Peace, Balance, Harmony
Blue [Foundation Series] provided an increase of peace, balance, harmony, depth, expansion of conscious awareness, symmetry and equilibrium, fullness, stability and would have loved to have had about 15 more minutes of that. The ending transition felt silky and polished. For my innate system it was a full, fresh, and delightful.
- Jyoti M.

Relaxing and Uplifting
I found the entire experience of Portal [Foundation Series] very relaxing and uplifting. Going through the sequence of Om, Earth, then Blue, then through the Portal made it a richer journey and was easy on my highly sensitive neurology. I look forward to using Portal to further explore as my mind and body become more familiar with the space on the other side.
- Kris R.