Creativity is a desirable skill that can be cultivated. When fully present in a task, distractions are minimized and inspiration seems to come from outside of our self. Time reaches a stand still and focus becomes effortless, productivity increases and our inner critical voice goes silent. This collection of recordings helps the listener to tap into that creative flow for fine arts, writing, problem-solving, sports visualization and more. 

Use Whole Theta and Cosmic Womb as background soundscapes for your creative activities, or simply listen and relax with the intention of receiving inspiration on any given topic. Both are embedded with 6hz theta frequencies. You may also visualize future events such as athletic performance.

Heart Presence is a series of heart-breathing exercises that move the listener out of the head and into the heart, embedded with alpha frequencies. Practice the same exercises outside of listening to invoke the creative state.

The Creativity Bundle includes all of these recordings at a discounted cost.