Method to Create Frequencies

Sacred Acoustics uses Electroencephalography (EEG) to record the electrical activity that is prevalent during deeply meditative states and out-of-body experiences (OBE), similar to near-death experiences (NDE). Once recorded, the brainwaves are analyzed to extract specific combinations and ratios of brain states which are then converted to microtonal formulas that are used to create complex combinations of monaural and binaural beat frequencies.

Using Cymatics, these beat frequencies are paired with specific carrier frequencies selected from nature, solfeggio, prime numbers, golden mean, golden mean spiral, fibonacci sequence, Cosmic Octave and others.

Cymatics, originally developed by Hans Jenny, is employed to adjust the timbre, or tone quality to resemble the harmony found in nature and sacred geometry. We then apply a technique originally developed to create holograms (originally developed by Dennis Gabor using laser light waves) in much the same way with the intersection of sound waves to create harmonic interference patterns.

These patterns are combined with others to form frequency sets that vary and change as the experience progresses so the acoustic influence closely resembles the original brainwave states from full consciousness to deeply meditative states and then back to full consciousness.

brainwave EEG - Sacred Acoustics

Brainwave States