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What to Expect:
Receive first-hand experience and guidance from Karen Newell and Dr. Eben Alexander on how to use Sacred Acoustics recordings.
Group energy creates a powerful space to explore within altered states of awareness as you come to greater knowing of your infinite mind.

Your Experiences:



Impressed and Excited

"My friends and I were so impressed by Karen Newell and Dr. Alexander in Sarasota this weekend and we're excited to begin using your programs. Thank you both for all you are doing.
- Jody Bedard

Wonderful Weekend
I wanted to thank you for your wonderful weekend visit to Sarasota. I attended both days, and found them very enlightening.
- Monica Watermann

Inspiring and Powerfully Uplifting
The material shared was tremendous, inspiring and powerfully uplifting. I am so grateful to all of you for this work. Thank you. I am so grateful for the information and knowledge I have received. I look forward to future opportunities to hear more about this amazing subject from Karen and Eben. They are so great together and they make everything very easy to understand. It has been a very powerful and beautiful experience for me. Looking fwd to next time:)”
- Joan Hynes

Fascinating and Unique
"Eben & Karen were fantastic, bring them back again in the future!"
"The speakers were all good and knew their subject matter. Especially good (fascinating) were the first 2 speakers [Eben Alexander & Karen Newell], awesome!"
"Meditation was great & unique with the sound."
"Loved the Sacred Acoustics."
- Iowa Western CC conference attendees

Enlightening and Unexpected
Thank you for coming to Montreal and for sharing your experience with us, the meditation was enlightening and something very cool and unexpected happened, so thank you. I downloaded a few of your meditations yesterday… EXCELLENT!!!!
- Olivier G.

Wonderful Team!
I have believed these ideas for a long time, since 1970. I’m gratified that Eben Alexander, with his medical background and direct, articulation of these concepts, and Karen Newell, who has acquired so much knowledge from her experiences on this path, have formed this wonderful team! Together they offer us a greater understanding of the concepts and the keys to help us unlock the doors of perception.
- Sheri Perl

Sensitive and Authentic Presence
Eben and Karen took me on a journey to places I did not expect to go… and went there with me every step on the way with their sensitive and authentic presence.
- Alison

Gentle Guidance
I’m a total rookie and I felt like I jumped into the deep end of the pool. I appreciated Eben and Karen’s gentle touch and guidance.
- Steve

Marvelous Program
This was a marvelous program. I loved Dr. Alexander’s book and the extra information he shared in this program and I was very impressed with Karen’s scientific explanation of how the music worked to get us to deeper states.
- Catherine G.

Great course
This webinar was just excellent. The combination of Dr. Alexander’s experiences and perspective along with Karen’s thoughtful comments and directions really worked in my view. Great course. I hope you decide to do more. The meditation sounds are fantastic. I have tried other approaches but none have felt better or yielded positive experiences as well as these recordings.
- Ken W.

Moved in a Mysterious Way
I meditated with the group to Heart Center, not expecting much, but I was moved in a mysterious way and felt deeply relaxed. I will use this in my meditation practice moving forward.”
- Adrienne

For Serious Spiritual Seekers
I thoroughly enjoyed Eben and Karen’s explanations into mind, meditation and spirit. Recommended for all serious spiritual seekers.
- Richard

Extensive Research and Experience
Thank you, Eben and Karen, for sharing with us your wonderful work - and for the heartfelt way in which you share your extensive research and experience.
- Miri Gabriel