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Regular listening will transform your body's energy field, allowing for greater alignment with your higher, more expanded self, and fulfillment of your life's purpose. 

I have been using the Sacred Light Body for a couple of days and am so amazed at the effects! Although I have been meditating for many years, the first and every time I've used your amazing recording my awareness stays focused the whole time and afterward both my physical and spiritual senses are heightened. I've always been sensitive to vibrational energy and the Sacred Light Body is enhancing this sensitivity and helping me become more grateful and joyful throughout the day. My sleep has also improved, since I had been having difficulties after going off hormones. Thank you for this amazing gift!
— Maggie Williams

3 recordings
39 minutes (2 tracks)
72 minutes (1 track)
verbal: YES | nonverbal: YES
verbal guidance: MEDIUM

Light Body sample:

For best results, listen with headphones.

The light body is a framework of light considered to be a container for higher consciousness. Awakening your light body allows for greater alignment with your expanded nature. As you consciously assimilate this light, your unique spark is illuminated as you become more of who you really are.

There are many teachings on the light body, some more complex than others. This recording includes an activation of your light body and affirmations to bring more light into every part of you, down to the very cells and neurons in your body and all levels of existence.

Accompanying frequencies include harmonic combinations of the Solfeggio tones as carrier tones, designed to support varying levels of delta, theta, alpha and gamma brainwave states. This is our only recording that incorporates gamma.

NOTE: If you are new to Sacred Acoustics or binaural beats in general, this may not be the best place to start. We advise becoming accustomed to some of our other recordings prior to trying this one. 


"I ordered these products over a week ago - and I'm thrilled! I have been doing my morning meditations listening to them. I just finished Light Body: WOW! You have all done a wonderful job with the sound acoustics. I normally don't like listening to anything with binaural beats, but what you've created sets my body into such a relaxed zone, I can't believe it. THANK YOU! I'm hooked! I own 5 of them already! I'll be coming back for more for sure! Thanks again."
Heather Driscoll

"I have been using Light Body for couple of weeks and have noticed: Lots of energy movement in crown chakra, vivid dreams, many of them I can recall for couple of days. Also, I can sense energies in 3rd eye and several times I had beautiful visions in mind's eye. I still can't believe how calm and happy I became, my anxieties and bad mood gone in one day, now I clearly sense that I'am not on my own, something is guiding me through life. The sense of compassion I feel now is just amazing, I can't describe it in other words. Finally I'am able to think about my ex and don't get angry, just compassion and gratefulness for meeting her as a beautiful soul. I started to smoke a lot less, eat more vegetables and fruits without thinking about it, just doing it naturally. I could write pages on how Light Body changed my life for better in just couple of weeks... I tried many products which contained Gamma brainwaves, but they were too "harsh" for me, but this program changed it all, it's superb product for this ridiculously small price and I recommend it to everyone who wants to feel deeply loved, extremely calm, wash away attachments, negative thoughts. I STRONGLY BELIEVE it can "cure" ADHD, anxiety attacks or even depression if used it everyday."
Domas Kucinskas, Lithuania

"I just got this download just the other night. I love it!! It just suddenly appeared in my life, and I knew I should get it. And as the review already posted, my ex just dropped off my daughters things, and when I saw him, the person who has "hated" him for so long was just gone. Nothing in me cringed or wanted to be mean. I actually thought he looked "nice" today, and could finally have memories of him of when we first meet. I wish him nothing but peace. Will be doing this one everyday. And I will update on more positive changes as they occur."
Mary W. Rocky Mount, NC

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