Personal Growth

Use your listening sessions to address countless personal goals, such as managing disruptive emotions, improved relationships, better clarity, becoming more positive and much, much more. As you focus on transforming your inner world, the world around you begins to shift to more fully align with deeper aspects of yourself.

Listen to Heart Center 2 and create more love, joy, compassion and connection to others by grounding your heart's energy, then expanding it to infinite levels, bringing more awareness to your non-physical self.

An extension of Heart Center 2, feed your soul with Golden Light by inviting light into the body to restore energy, nourish your entire being (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual), and enliven you with vibrating, pulsating energy.

Know Yourself supports entering a state of consciousness that allows you to uncover depths of oneself not readily apparent in daily living.

Regular listening to Light Body will transform your body's energy field, allowing for greater alignment with your higher self and fulfillment of your life's purpose.

The Transformation Bundle includes all of these recordings at a discounted price.