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Pure & Eternal

A common adage states that love is the most important aspect of life, yet how can we make it more prominent in our world? The unconditional love of the spiritual realms is our birthright as humans and available to us all.

Become the love that you are with this spellbinding invocation of divine love from source. Realize that love originates from inside and binds us all together. Cultivate this healing force to attract a still greater loving presence.

Love Body Guided Sample:

Love Body Nonverbal Sample:

For best results, listen with headphones or good quality speakers.

Listen with your heart and connect with the infinite love of the universe. Benefit from the support of embedded NeuralHelix® brainwave entrainment frequencies in the delta and theta ranges to enhance relaxation and focus while bathing in the energies of universal love.

An otherwordly voice of love accompanies the underlying soundscape in the unique form of Yemanya Carey, transmitting the "language of light." Embody the binding force of love and radiate your essence... gleaming, pure, eternal.

3 recordings
39 minutes (2) and 60 minutes (1)
verbal: YES | nonverbal: YES
verbal guidance: MEDIUM
8-page booklet or 4-page PDF

WAYS TO USE LOVE BODY: Conscious conception, connecting with the souls of departed loved ones, enhancing sexual expression, practicing embodiment of love, generating love from within, receiving love from source.


So, here it is - Slap me silly, Karen!  This was foot-stomping astounding for me! The new voice just rounded out this whole thing.  Wow!  I just wanna go back and be in that place a lot.  I felt like I was suspended, floating, being uplifted to the Divine in the sounds, bathed in them.  And felt like energetic blankets of love were being laid upon this bubble I was in - laid upon me by angels.  Oh wow!  It was incredible, resonant, totally unexpected. I also feel just fired up!  I mean, I feel like I can take on the world safely doing the radio show where we'll be talking about a lot of problems, glyphosates, chemtrails, etc...  But I know that these sounds will keep me focused on love and I have spent a lot of time trying to figure out how not to preach the problem but to focus on the solution - which is always a loving awareness but can be soooo hard to get there.  Thank you, thank you, thank you guys for spending your time doing this!!
Tracy Tucker
Wow! Just wow! What an amazing experience this version is. I could hear the verbal guidance and understand every word and the music just transported me. The vocals are comforting -- like someone is humming or speaking in the next room, a comforting presence but you don't need to understand what they are singing or saying. I love that! Thank you for having me listen--I feel very fortunate to have gotten this preview. Love it!
Dona Davis
I felt the mix between the narrator and the background vocals had a nice balance. At the 9:14 mark I actually started smiling as I listen to the background vocal emulating what a beam of Love would sound like. It reminded me of a noise that a parent would make when playing with their child. It wasn’t enough to bring me out of my meditation, but as I said it did make me smile.
Martin Martinez

NOTE: If you are new to focusing on the heart, this may not be the best place to start. It may be useful to practice generating heart awareness using Heart Center 2 or Heart Presence prior to trying this one. Check out: Heart Bundle



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