I Want To...

Sacred Acoustics recordings offer support to achieve any number of goals, both in daily life and during expanded states of awareness. Be sure to click through to the suggested options to read further descriptions and listen to short samples. Our free video Training Series may also be helpful.

… begin a regular practice as a beginner. The Becoming More Whole series of audio program guides offers the most comprehensive listening practices. If you are completely new to brainwave entrainment or meditation, we suggest starting with the Whole Mind Bundle.

… establish a routine and already have experience Foundation Series 2 offers a variety of recordings for routine listening. Got less than 39 minutes per day? Check out Heart Presence and Whole States with collections of 20 minute recordings.

… achieve better sleep. Try our various recordings designed to help with efficient daytime naps and all night rest.

… improve focus while studying or working. The Whole Mind Bundle offers several options for background soundscapes to support better concentration. Also available separately.

… improve my health. Our Health Bundle contains a variety of approaches to well-being, also available separately.

… support someone in hospice or near the end of life. A variety of recordings can support a peaceful, calm and comfortable setting for those in transition to the spiritual realm.

… be less anxious and more relaxed. A regular practice using any number of recordings can achieve this goal, but Cosmic Womb and Om 2 are a great place to start.

… feel more love and affinity to all that is. A number of recordings focused on the heart, love and compassion can promote an expanded love connection. Get extra savings with our Heart Bundle.

… integrate these recordings into my therapeutic practice. The Professional Bundle was designed for use in settings such as massage, hypnosis, acupuncture or energy healing.

… enhance sexual expression and/or lovingly conceive a childLove Body provides a pathway for bringing more love into the body, thus practicing with a partner exponentially accelerates the process.

… feel more connection to my higher soul and purpose. Our Transformation Bundle supports the goal to "know yourself." Also available separately.

… tap into my creative genius. This collection of recordings helps the listener to tap into creative flow for fine arts, writing, problem-solving, sports visualization and more. 

… activate my energy body and become more whole. Our Ascension Bundle offers a foundation for integrating our body, mind and spirit. 

feel more relaxed during pregnancy and labor. Our Baby Bundle promotes calm and peaceful tranquility for both baby and mom.

… induce an OBE. Along with repeated practice and implementation of mental visualization techniques, Light Body supports an out-of-body state.

… improve my relationships. Foundation Series 2 offers a pathway for practicing a neutral state which can help with seeing the "bigger picture" of conflict in relationships. 

… sense my past lives. Realize that all points in time and space are accessible to you in an expanded state of awareness, especially while listening to Spiral of Time. Use intention to access notable past or future life experiences.

… connect with a deceased loved one. Generate a feeling of what it was like to be with your loved one as the first step. Many recordings can support this process but Love Body may be the most ideal.

… save money. Our wide variety of bundled recordings offer the greatest opportunity to save, especially our Ultimate Bundle

… listen for extended periods of time. Both Light Body and Event Horizon offer 70-minute listening journeys. The recordings included in Professional Bundle can be played for unlimited amounts of time on a repeat setting.