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This recording is designed for use in therapeutic settings such as massage, hypnosis, acupuncture or energy healing. Individuals may also benefit when listening while performing various activities such as studying, meditation and reflection and connect to spiritual guidance.

I love your recordings! On my first session, I listened to Whole Theta, and the results were complete peace and joy. During the session I felt as if I was on a magic carpet ride and left my body. The only trouble I'm having is finding time in my day to practice. I want to thank you for having such an amazing audio product for meditation --- it's the best thing I've ever experienced, and would recommend Sacred Acoustics to anyone!
Brian McGonigle

1 recording
70 minutes
verbal guidance: NONE

Whole Theta Sample:

For best results, listen with headphones or good quality speakers.

Theta is the brainwave state associated with intuition, creativity, fantasies and imagery and is most prominent during enhanced spiritual awareness. We naturally enter this state between sleep and awakening: the hypnagogic state.

The audio recording is completely nonverbal and can be played on repeat for any length of time.

Customer Reviews

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Aldo Medina
Received a Hug

I had a wonderful experience with this recording. The theme/energy going through my mind was "God Is", "God Is"... the omnipresence of God was palpable. I am not religious, more like spiritual but, I received a hug from Jesus. I am not undergoing anything really difficult and have a pretty good life so I thought that was interesting. There were no words and I did not ask anything. It was just a deep "knowing". I came out of the meditation smiling and knowing I had been hugged by Jesus.


I first listened to the sample and it stirred something in me (something I don’t usually say) and then purchased the full version. There is a part within this piece that for some reason makes me cry?! As I am trying to strengthen my spiritual connection and using this on my walk, I experienced a truly beautiful walk with a loved one who has passed. Sounds crazy I know! But it was real and wonderful. I have other sacred acoustics that I also enjoy but this one is my most favorite!

Indescribably beautiful!

I cannot find words to describe this beautiful recording it feels like the call of my Soul pulling me inward, it brings me to tears sometimes.

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