Few would argue with the idea that love is the most important thing in our universe, but how many of us actually incorporate that idea into every thought and every action throughout our daily lives. Many of us have forgotten how to recognize the true feeling of love. In fact, we can cultivate a connection to the universal source of love using Sacred Acoustics recordings. 

Heart Center 2 - Becoming aware of the heart's powerful electromagnetic field activates the heart's energetic qualities. Placing beneficial emotions and thoughts into our hearts demonstrates the ultimate golden rule.

Heart Presence - This collection offers an opportunity to activate heart awareness on a daily basis, as we clear out stored emotional traumas, we open the door for our true essence to radiate from within.

Lotus - Compassion is a form of universal love for all that exists. Underlying this recording is Om mani padme hum, the mantra of universal altruism. 

Divine Love - In this traditional guided yoga nidra practice, experience a focus on a divine connection from within to love from the source, our true home, with the potential to bring on the state of samadhi, the super conscious state. 

Sacred Lullaby - Not just for babies, experience the angelic voice of a mother gently serenading her baby with the intention to express the ultimate unconditional love.