Few would argue with the idea that love is the most important thing in our universe, but how many of us actually incorporate that idea into every thought and every action throughout our daily lives. Many of us have forgotten how to recognize the true feeling of love. In fact, we can cultivate a connection to the universal source of love using Sacred Acoustics recordings. 

Heart Center 2 (2 tracks) - Create more love, joy, compassion and connection to others by grounding your heart's energy, then expanding it to infinite levels, bringing more awareness to your non-physical self.

Heart Presence (2-CD set/8 tracks) - A series of recordings that support a relaxed focus and an expanded state of awareness, which will improve your positive emotions and reduce your negative emotions. By listening to these audios you will feel more at ease and will interact with others better. 

Love Body (2-CD set/3 tracks) - An invocation that starts from within and connects you to the creative source of the universe. Become the love that you are with this one-of-a-kind soundscape. Listen with your heart and connect with the infinite love of the universe. 

Lotus (2 tracks) - Cultivate compassion for deeper receptivity and connectivity in your life and relationships. Be guided on a journey of healing, exploration and integration of your natural and vital attributes, 

Divine Love (3 tracks) - These recordings support the ability to release limiting beliefs of the deep unconscious and bring balance to us physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Sacred Lullaby (1 track) - Designed to provide babies with feelings of comfort, reassurance and trust. This will help baby, mom (and dad!) to attain a peaceful, relaxed state so all can get better sleep.