End of Life

Our world is evolving towards the understanding that death, just like birth, marks a crucial milestone in a soul's journey. The gifts that can come from this extraordinary transition apply to all souls involved. This selection of recordings helps to support a peaceful, calm and comfortable setting in order to facilitate ongoing relationships and an expanded understanding of interaction between the material and spiritual realms that might occur.

The primordial sound of Om is often recognized as the sound of our true "home."

Originally developed as sound support for the sacred act of giving birth, all can experience Cosmic Womb as a timeless state of calm, peaceful tranquility. 

Enhance spiritual awareness and imagery with Whole Theta.

Sacred Lullaby includes angelic singing that brings comfort, reassurance and trust that all is well.

Awakening your Light Body allows for greater alignment with your energetic nature, the part of you that survives physical death.