Training Series

Our video Training Series includes the below videos, available at no cost, that explain to the viewer many tips and techniques to apply while listening to Sacred Acoustics recordings. Watch in the suggested order, or in any order you wish.

You may also access our training videos through our App for iPhone, iPad and Android devices.
Just search "Sacred Acoustics" in the App Store or Google Play and click to the video screen. 

Why Listen?

Benefits and approaches to listening to Sacred Acoustics recordings.

Getting Started

Where to listen, when to listen, keeping track of experiences and how to get grounded after listening.

Launch Your Awareness

Techniques for setting awareness free from the here and now. Special guest: Dr. Eben Alexander.

How to Listen

A review of what type of headphones or speakers with which to listen. We recommend SleepPhones and around-the-ear headphones for greatest comfort.

Technical Matters

Details on file format issues such as CD vs MP3, file compression, iTunes.

What to Expect

Information on physical sensations, mental activity, emotional reactions and spiritual connections.

Common Concerns

Addresses guided vs. non-guided recordings, how to avoid falling asleep, reducing mind chatter and cultivating the inner observer.

Setting Intention

Simple techniques for setting intention such as solving a problem, improving health, connecting with a departed loved one and more.

Advanced Techniques

Moving beyond the basics to discuss different ways of perceiving in expanded states of awareness, listening with a friend, interacting with dreams, invoking imagination and generating a particular state of being. Special guest: Dr. Eben Alexander.