Whole States

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This collection of recordings support a 20-minute regular meditation practice that will transform your life. Use delta to support a quick rejuvenating nap; theta for meditation; alpha for focus or relaxation.

Each of us is unique and will have different responses to each brainwave state. Discover how you respond and incorporate a listening session into your routine.

I love the 20 mins long tracks as I can include them in my day. My life is very busy and as much as I want to meditate I never get more than 20 mins so those are perfect. 
- Cristina D.

6 recordings
20 minutes each
verbal: YES | nonverbal: YES
verbal guidance: LIGHT

Whole States - Delta sample:

For best results, listen with headphones.

Delta brainwaves are associated with deep sleep, unconsciousness, coma and trance. Delta frequencies support sleep and deep relaxation. As delta frequencies are increased, our awareness detaches from everyday worries and concerns to a more peaceful state. 

Whole States - Theta sample:

For best results, listen with headphones.

Theta brainwaves are associated with intuition, creativity, fantasies and imagery and is most prominent during enhanced spiritual awareness. We are naturally in this state between being asleep and awake each day. Theta frequencies support meditation, creative inspiration and intuitive development.

Whole States - Alpha sample:

For best results, listen with headphones.

Alpha brainwaves are associated with mental focus, contemplation, dreams, relaxation and calm. Alpha frequencies support study, writing, contemplation and clarity.

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Sandy Otton
Anxiety Is Way Down❤️

I bought this as part of the Whole Mind bundle. I listen to the verbal everyday - usually two of the three tracks depending on what my mood is. I actually look forward to listening. I say that as even though I have meditated in the past and although it was a pleasant experience of quieting my mind, I would lose enthusiasm as I did not feel much was happening. Listening to Whole States there is a sense that I am being re-wired and I feel a definite lessening of any feelings of anxiety. I don’t know....maybe now I am just ready...but listening to this is making a difference. But unlike a pill it is working from the inside out. That is whatever is going on is helping me make a connection. It is like I am able to see things differently and from that perspective I do not get keyed up and if I do I am much better able to see and know I have a choice of whether I want to go down that road. No, I think I will go another direction! Last week we were under a tornado warning ( which thankfully expired without incident and all was good) and as I quickly gathered what I felt was most important to me the Sacred Acoustic cds, headphones and player were among the items I took with me to a safe area. Yeah they mean that much to me. Thank you for creating this ❤️

Question: 'Whole States'

Going along with a previous reviewer - why is gamma not included with this?

MonicaKrista Andersen
I now what to by next time

I found that theta and delta was fantastick for me to listen to
spescially delta gave me a fantastick feeling of oneness and
it lastet for ouhers waoo


Sounds like chronological scale at 444hz offering the supreme sound of love at 528hz.

Gamma wave .

for the series to be complete, it would require the frequency gama.

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