I'm a fan of brainwave entrainment, what's special about yours?

NeuralHelix® is a proprietary technique for creating holographic sound to enhance expanded states of awareness. Every layer of sound in each recording is harmonic to every other, adding to a superior listening experience. Every recording is an exclusive and complex creation, with complex frequency sets to support a hypnagogic inner journey. 

Where should I start?

Ideally, you have already gained practice with quieting the mind and managing emotional responses. There is no required path to start listening, choose the products you wish in the order that suits your goals. Start with the verbally-guided version to get familiar, or skip right to the nonverbal version. Both are included with most recordings.

Whole Spirit Bundle includes the Becoming More Whole: Spirit audio program guide. Other relevant bundles focus on Exploration and Ascension. Dive in fully with our Ultimate Bundle.

If you wish to start with just one recording, Primordial Mind, Event Horizon and Light Body offer the deepest experiences due to their longer length. Lo Ban Pai Trance is a soundscape created for movement practice and deep connection.