Becoming More Whole - Mind

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Excellent for beginners or those new to audio brainwave entrainment, this is a flexible audio program ­designed to support personal development goals such as focus, relaxation, creative ­inspiration, reduced anxiety or stress and improved intuition. Becoming more whole requires acknowledging that the thinking mind is just one aspect of a greater awareness.

The guide is available as a convenient CD-sized booklet for easy reference, or in PDF format as an immediate download. If you purchase the booklet, you will automatically receive a link to download the PDF version.

The program provides guidance for using Whole Alpha, Whole Theta, Whole Delta and Whole States, now available together in Whole Mind Bundle.

As we address everyday challenges, it’s easy to get lost in plans and commitments, or worries and concerns. Reach beyond your everyday routine. Learn to quiet the mind and create a sense of peaceful calm, improved concentration and reduced anxiety, creating a foundation for ­further practice.

Included in this 33-page information-packed guide:

  • Best listening practices
  • Daily practice guidance
  • Identifying the inner observer
  • Setting intentions
  • Common concerns
  • Next steps


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