Foundation Series 2

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This series of recordings will induce profound states of relaxation and calm, lessening distracting thoughts and clearing the mind. Listen to each recording consecutively for cumulative experiences that propel you into an  exploration into deep and profound states of awareness.

I am pleased with the Foundation Series I bought. At first I thought it was a little pricey, but it has been well worth the cost. I think this is something I can use for a long time. I have tried traditional meditation techniques in the past, but I was unable to stick with them for long. My Sacred Acoustics sessions represent the longest time I have stuck with a meditation practice. I have been at it for about 6 weeks now. It has been a productive practice and I use it every day...these sessions have given me valuable insights that I’ve never had before. I think it’s more productive than psychotherapy.
- Tobin Swafford

8 recordings
39 minutes each
verbal: YES | nonverbal: YES
verbal guidance: LIGHT
Listening Guide included

Together, these recordings lay the groundwork for attaining increasingly expanded states of consciousness. Each recording can be used alone to access certain states of awareness for a sustained period. They are designed to be listened to in sequence, over time, each recording building on the previous. 

Om 2 sample:

For best results, listen with headphones.

(2 tracks) This recording induces profound states of relaxation and a calm, centered awareness in the present moment.
Embedded brainwave frequencies: delta.

Earth 2 sample:

For best results, listen with headphones.

(2 tracks) This recording supports the quieting of distracting thoughts and moving beyond the illusion of here and now into a feeling of timelessness.
Embedded brainwave frequencies: high delta, border between theta/alpha

Blue 2 sample:

For best results, listen with headphones.

(2 tracks) The third recording in the series facilitates a purifying clearing of the mind, a cleansing that allows for stability as you move into alignment with your true nature.
Embedded brainwave frequencies: delta, low alpha.

Portal 2 sample:

For best results, listen with headphones.

(2 tracks) This final recording includes an exclusive sound spiral vortex gateway to propel you into a state that supports exploration into deep and profound states of awareness. This state enhances and encourages alignment with unity consciousness and can allow for interaction with other forms of energy beyond the physical world.
Embedded brainwave frequencies: delta, high alpha

NOTE: The original Foundation Series has been updated to Foundation Series 2 using our exclusive NeuralHelix® audio technology. Previous purchasers of Foundation Series are eligible for a 50% discount on the updated version.

Feedback From Our Listeners:

I have been meditating with the first version of the Foundation Series for over two years, with Portal non-verbal being my favorite. When the new version Foundation 2 became available recently, I immediately purchased it, appreciating the fact that it was 50% off for owners of the first version. I absolutely love this new version of Foundation, and my favorite track is Blue 2 non-verbal. I am meditating with it every day now. Foundation 2 quickly puts me in a relaxed and open state where I am very much in touch with my energy body in a way that is very enjoyable. The previous version of Foundation did not have this effect on me, and even though I very much appreciated it, it had more of a mental effect on me than a delightful energetic one. It is difficult to put into words.
- Karin Miller

I had to listen to this one three times because I could not believe it was doing what it was doing. Your first version of OM has always been my most favorite sound therapy ever but this one tops the first one. I felt like the harmonics reverberated into eternity - I don't know how else to describe this. It was so robust. More importantly to me though since I am still healing from an incredibly severe melanoma all over my body what did happen was, and this is also difficult to describe, but, it was a though a fuzzy sort of electricity came over the affected parts of my body. And this happened all three times. WHATEVER DID YOU GUYS DO???? My gosh! And THANK YOU!!!
- Tracy T.

Experiencing this OM recording enhanced my feeling of oneness with all vibrations spiritual and exquisite. Somewhere in the middle of it, I emerged into a conscious state just long enough to become aware of the knowledge this was healing my soul. Soul expansion is my favorite experience in the universe...healing new awareness in me is so very precious. And profoundly powerful. Thanks for your brilliant work.
- Bambie


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annie vanhee
my order : 41938

I ORDER sacred accoustic i long temps ago, i wunder whats happen

Audio technical

The volume is so low on these samples it's barely audible. I'm listening on an Android phone with the volume at the maximum level.

Mary Smart

My daughter is in the hospital on an EEG monitor.. She has been stressed and restless. I played om2 and she actually got some good sleep!! I videotaped the EEG showing the delta waves. Amazing!!!

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