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Take your personal practice to the next level with a focus on transformation. This bundle includes a collection of four recordings designed to support transformation on all levels - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. 

Using focused intention with the foundation of the heart, these recordings can assist with lasting change.

Heart Center 2 - Lay the groundwork by tuning in to your heart's powerful electromagnetic field. If you have trouble quieting your thoughts, simply moving your awareness to your heart activates your inner observer, the part of you that notices your thoughts. Grounding your heart's energy, then expanding it to infinite levels brings more awareness to your non-physical self.

Golden Light - Using the foundation of the heart's energy, activate your body with the liquid golden light of the sun. Invite it into your heart through the top of your head and visualize sparkling diamonds circulating throughout your bloodstream. This recording was designed to accentuate vibratory sensations in your body, both physical and energetic.

Know Yourself - Truly knowing your complete self, beyond your daily life, is the ultimate quest. Going within to address this query can uncover depths of oneself not readily apparent in daily living. Using the intention to know your expanded self will assist with aligning to your full nature. The primordial sound of the time-honored didgeridoo provides especially profound effects.

Light Body - Beginning again in the heart, energize the column of energy that aligns with the core channel of the spine. Use this energy to expand beyond your body and become more light. Use affirmations to radiate your unique spark of being. This recording includes a nonverbal 70 minute version for longer listening sessions. 

As you focus on aligning with your complete self, life circumstances and relationships will begin to shift in ways to support your highest interest. 

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