Divine Love

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These recordings support the ability to release limiting beliefs of the deep unconscious and bring balance to us physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Amazing blend of undertones. Crystal clear vocals. Easy to follow. It feels safe and is filled with positive energy. Extremely calming and relaxing. An incredibly powerful healing session, brimming with Divine light and love. The progression of peaceful visualizations are like nothing I’ve ever experienced. The heightened level of Divine connection I felt was vibrating all throughout my body. I would recommend this to everyone I know and buy it for everyone I could.
— Melissa

Based on the traditional Yoga Nidra meditation practice it is often called “sleeping” meditation or “divine sleep.” It is yoga for transformation at the deepest level possible and has evolved over thousands of years. Only recently have we “rediscovered” and begun to use modern technology to document its remarkable effects.

3 recordings
Introduction - 8 minutes
Short Practice - 21 minutes
Long Practice - 45 minutes
verbal: YES | nonverbal: NO
verbal guidance: HEAVY
Listening Guide included

Divine Love sample:

For best results, listen with headphones.

Never before has Yoga Nidra blended its already remarkable ability to transform our lives with another equally transformative and ancient method - that is using sounds and tones in altering the levels of consciousness we can reach.

Now you will be able to experience both in one setting. Adding to Yoga Nidra’s already powerful effects, brainwave entrainment audio technology is included to support profound relaxation.

Accompanying frequencies support an extended period in delta and theta brainwave states.

Some Benefits of Yoga Nidra:

Aiding in sleep patterns (such as insomnia), lowering blood pressure, slower heart rate, lessening stress and anxiety, deep feelings of well being, increased immune support.

Deanne Mincer provides the script and vocal guidance for Divine Love. She is a longtime teacher of yoga, a spiritual mentor and healer, and the author of The 52: Discovering the True You in 52 Simple Lessons. Her teaching is grounded in her steadfast awareness that each of us is a being of eternal light and love and that we can all come to know this truth.


"Depths of relaxation that is simply incredible. Deanne has such a soothing voice as she guides us into that deeply meditative state of yoga nidra."
Loren K.

"The benefits of Yoga Nidra have created an inner awareness and deeper relaxation to my daily life."
Demi S.

"My experience of Divine Love: A Unique Yoga Nidra Experience was exactly that! The combination of Deanne's soothing voice coupled with the otherworldly, healing tones opened my heart and and took me on an inner journey that I look forward to having again and again."
Linda K.

"Deanne's gentle, loving voice along with the powerful sounds of Sacred Acoustics brings you to a deep and profound space within yourself. The feelings of relaxation, peace and being centered lasted a few days for me just after one session. I can see that the combination of Deanne, Yoga Nidra and Sacred Acoustics will be an amazing healing tool."
Carol E.

Customer Reviews

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Ansgar Iburg
Please renew Yoga Nidra Practice Files

Hello, I think it's time to renew the MP3 recordings of "Divine Love", especially of "Yoga Nidra Long Practice". For my feelings, Deanne Mincer's voice is far too emotional. I would like to hear a much more sober voice. Besides, a longer pause would have to be incorporated when I am to formulate the sankalpa the second time. There is not enough time to formulate it three more times. And I think, it should be possibel, to create versions in other languages, for me in german language. It's expensive enough to buy the MP3-file. I ask for your feedback as soon as there is a new version.

And also the note that the website of Deanne Mincer no longer exists.

Best Regards

Ansgar Iburg

No More Struggles

Thank you SO MUCH for including this in the bundle I bought recently. I didn’t know what it was, but YOU knew most folks would benefit from it. Talk about being cared for by the Universe!! I have sleep apnea and narcolepsy, and anxiety and tons of medications for all. No longer any problems falling asleep or staying asleep and I feel a sense of peace during the day I haven’t known in a million years. I got off my anxiety meds too!! The longer session works best. I follow it up with your Sacred Sleep and I am asleep in MINUTES! Seriously can’t thank you enough!! ❤️🙏

Heinz M.

In contrast to the heart focus ("heart center" or "love body"), which I like very much, I did not get along well with this title. The body scan is much too fast, I couldn't follow with concentration. And Deanne Mincer's voice is too loud, after phases of calm music that really scared me.

Ickis Stone
Exceptional Quality

I have purchased many of your products, but I really wanted to say that this track is excellent. All of your frequencies are so clean. They're impressive, but still, this one in particular struck a chord with me (get it?) that I truly appreciate. Everyone that was involved in this and all of your recordings have my utmost and sincerest gratitude. Thank you so much for bringing these tracks to life. What comprehensive, clean products you provide.

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