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Love is what makes the world bearable - it is the most important aspect of life. This recording is an invocation that starts from within and connects you to the creative source of the universe. Become the love that you are with this one-of-a-kind soundscape. Listen with your heart and connect with the infinite love of the universe. 

I am pleased with the results. I especially enjoy the heart meditations. I particularly like the voice interjections. The singers in Love Body greatly enhance the experience for me. I also enjoy the verbal instructions on this set of CDs more than I have in some of the other sets that I have experimented with.
— Preston E.

3 recordings
39 minutes (2) and 60 minutes (1)
verbal: YES | nonverbal: YES
verbal guidance: MEDIUM
Listening Guide included

Love Body sample - verbal:

Love Body sample - nonverbal:

For best results, listen with headphones or good quality speakers.

The unconditional love of the spiritual realms is our birthright as humans and available to us all. Realize that love originates from inside and binds us all together. Cultivate this healing force to attract a still greater loving presence.

An otherwordly voice of love accompanies the underlying soundscape in the unique form of Yemanya Carey, transmitting the "language of light." Embody the binding force of love and radiate your essence... gleaming, pure, eternal.

Accompanying frequencies are in the delta and theta ranges to enhance relaxation and focus while bathing in the energies of universal love.

WAYS TO USE LOVE BODY: Conscious conception, connecting with the souls of departed loved ones, enhancing sexual expression, practicing embodiment of love, generating love from within, receiving love from source.

NOTE: If you are new to focusing on the heart, this may not be the best place to start. It may be useful to practice generating heart awareness using Heart Center 2 or Heart Presence prior to trying this one. To purchase all recordings, check out: Whole Heart Bundle



This was foot-stomping astounding for me! The new voice just rounded out this whole thing.  Wow!  I just wanna go back and be in that place a lot.  I felt like I was suspended, floating, being uplifted to the Divine in the sounds, bathed in them.  And felt like energetic blankets of love were being laid upon this bubble I was in - laid upon me by angels.  Oh wow!  It was incredible, resonant, totally unexpected. I also feel just fired up!  I mean, I feel like I can take on the world safely doing the radio show where we'll be talking about a lot of problems, glyphosates, chemtrails, etc...  But I know that these sounds will keep me focused on love and I have spent a lot of time trying to figure out how not to preach the problem but to focus on the solution - which is always a loving awareness but can be soooo hard to get there.  Thank you, thank you, thank you guys for spending your time doing this!!
Tracy Tucker
Wow! Just wow! What an amazing experience this version is. I could hear the verbal guidance and understand every word and the music just transported me. The vocals are comforting -- like someone is humming or speaking in the next room, a comforting presence but you don't need to understand what they are singing or saying. I love that! Thank you for having me listen--I feel very fortunate to have gotten this preview. Love it!
Dona Davis
I felt the mix between the narrator and the background vocals had a nice balance. At the 9:14 mark I actually started smiling as I listen to the background vocal emulating what a beam of Love would sound like. It reminded me of a noise that a parent would make when playing with their child. It wasn’t enough to bring me out of my meditation, but as I said it did make me smile.
Martin Martinez



Customer Reviews

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Divine Feminine

I am an experienced meditator and recommend this meditation among my top 5 of all times. I was surprised to read the review about this bringing dark images to one listener. I certainly respect that everyone has their own experiences of meditations, so to each their own. For me, it feels the exact opposite. I find the vocals in this to be some of the most soothing to my nervous system I've ever encountered. And, I often feel like it's the divine feminine qualities that are exuded through the singer. It permeates my being so deeply and I feel like I am being hugged by the feminine qualities of God. Nothing calms my system like this meditation.

Negative experiences

Unfortunately I did not have a good experience listening to this recording and I think it has to do with the singer that they incorporated into it, I don’t know her name. I saw satan in my dream twice after listening to this and had bad dreams the other times as well. There is something about it that does not exude love at all and instead causes a negative experience for me. I don’t trust the singing/chanting in it and I think it was a bad idea to add it in the recording. I enjoyed the Om recording and didn’t have negative experiences with that but more neutral.

Jaymes W.
Great meditation!

I absolutely love this track. I’ve been using Sacred Acoustics for about five years, and I’ve been using LoveBody for about seven months—and I come back to it quite often. I’ve found that over that time I’ve been able to not only feel love in ways I thought I couldn’t, I’ve been able to traverse tense, and difficult situations in my life with love and compassion in my very being.

The voice of the singer is beautifully relaxing and love-filled; this track reminds me very much of Lotus in that the user is guided into a lovely hypnogogic state of mind and then Yamanya’s light language washes over me for the duration of the session—a beautiful infusion of light and love. I feel that waves of love-energy are surrounding me and filling me to my very toes. It’s like being wrapped in love from the within and without. One of my favorites from Sacred Acoustics.

Jaime Ridao
Disturbing vocalizations

First off, I want to say that I have various Sacred Acoustics titles and there are a few that I rotate and use daily. I had high expectations for the Love Body title since I was interested in an opening the heart exercise. Unfortunately for me there are some vocalizations within this title that I find very distracting and that pull my attention away from any deeper meditation. These sounds that I'm describing are not the visualization narrative voice. I'm referring to the voices that sometimes do a type rhythmic, syncopated whispering and also some longer tones.

I've tried using this title many times with the same result; wishing these sounds had not been included or, at least been much lower in the overall mix of sounds.

I don't listen to this title any more.

We understand the vocals included on Love Body are not conducive for all listeners. For this reason, we posted a version without these vocals on our App for iPhone. If you have an iPhone or iPad, you may listen to it there at no extra cost by signing in with your customer account.

Pasquier Lambert

Honestly, I can't say I really like the voice of the singer and the little sounds simulating the feeling of love, sometimes it got me a bit out of focus, but the truth is, it's nevertheless absolutely effective from the very first time you listen to it. Just listen with your heart wide open. I could really feel my heart expand and encompass the whole universe. I did the meditation yesterday evening and I feel full of love and gratitude today. Very effective, especially if you practiced in the past any type of heart meditation or if you are already at ease with your own capacity to love unconditionally everyone you meet.

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