Becoming More Whole - Spirit

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This is a flexible audio program that (depending on your level of experience) can be used alone or after completing the first two programs in this series, Mind and Heart.

After gaining mastery over our thoughts and emotions and integrating this into daily activities, the potential for living life to its fullest becomes unlimited. Alignment with our expanded nature provides the foundation for exploration of the spiritual realms and ­becoming more aware of our ­connection to all that exists within the ­universe-at-large.

The guide is available as a convenient CD-sized booklet for easy reference, or in PDF format as an immediate download. If you purchase the booklet, you will automatically receive a link to download the PDF version.

The program provides guidance for using Lunar Cycles, Light Body and Primordial Mind, now available together in Whole Spirit Bundle.

As we identify more with our authentic nature, our purpose for existence becomes clear. As we focus more attention towards our inner world, the outer world begins to change.

Included in this 33-page information-packed guide:

  • Best listening practices
  • Using discernment
  • Integration with other practices
  • Common concerns
  • The power of imagination
  • Next steps


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