Primordial Mind

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Reach profound depths of expanded awareness and disconnect from everyday concerns by connecting with primordial mind - a primary consciousness formed into a ­fabric of imagination, intelligence and potential. Merge with this ­collective force and feel your connection with all that is.

Primordial Mind Sample:

For best results, listen with headphones or good quality speakers.

The embedded NeuralHelix® frequencies are formulated using the Golden Ratio - a pattern found in nature that reflects beauty and innate balance.

Sacred Acoustics joins artists and innovators inspired throughout eons by the harmonic relationship of phi, the Divine Proportion. These fundamental numbers frame a ­soundscape designed to ­connect with the creative force ­underlying the structure of the ­universe, of which we are all an integral part.

Contains delta, theta and alpha brainwave entrainment frequencies.

3 or 4* recordings
39 minutes 
verbal: YES | nonverbal: YES
60 minutes 
verbal: YES* | nonverbal: YES

verbal guidance: MEDIUM

*MP3 format only 


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Hypnogogic lights

I used this with my morning meditation and it worked very very well. My awareness shifted very quickly into an expanded state, I would guess it was theta and as the frequencies moved me along toward a deeper shift I began to get hypnogogic flashes--very promising for a first listening! I continued to meditate for a bit after the tape ended and felt a seamless continuation of that more expansive state. What was really beneficial and maybe even amazing, was that I remained in that expansive state as I continued out into my day--a lovely, still, centered version of my normal waking reality. I am really looking forward to working with this tape going forward.

Malgorzata Targonska
Deepest rest

The best sound ever, it puts me to such a rest that I don't want to come back to this physical awareness. I'm going to try other tunes, I absolutely love deep states of awareness and your sounds accelerate my progress into myself. Big thank you, love you.


I have been meditating on a pretty much daily basis for several years, but have never had a meditation as deep and intense as I did while listening to this! Really good stuff guys!

Maureen LeGros
Treat yourself

I own most everything in sacred acoustics and am very happy however, I’d like to try a sample before I purchase the newest one. Mostly to see if it is different for the others.

The sample for Primordial Mind was missing, but is now available above.

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