Becoming More Whole - Heart

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Designed for those who wish to gain greater connection with the heart, this flexible audio program supports personal development goals such as emotional management, improved relationships, inner peace and love of self. Becoming more whole requires acknowledging that our ­emotions are a ­fundamental aspect of our existence, and ­crucial to our ­connections with fellow sentient beings.

The guide is available as a convenient CD-sized booklet for easy reference, or in PDF format as an immediate download. If you purchase the booklet, you will automatically receive a link to download the PDF version.

The program provides guidance for using Heart Presence, Heart Center 2 and Love Body, available together in Whole Heart Bundle.

Learn to release emotional suffering and fully realize our birthright as humans - cultivate and embody the essential nature of the binding force of love.
As we generate gratitude, appreciation and love from within, this energy radiates to others around us, contributing to a world of compassion and harmony.

Included in this 33-page information-packed guide:

  • Best listening practices
  • Daily practice guidance
  • Releasing stored emotions
  • Role of the heart in interactions with others
  • Embodying and radiating the binding force of love
  • Common concerns
  • Next steps


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