Whole Spirit Bundle

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After gaining mastery over our thoughts and emotions and integrating this into daily activities, the potential for living life to its fullest becomes unlimited. Alignment with our expanded nature provides the foundation for exploration of the spiritual realms and ­becoming more aware of our ­connection to all that exists within the universe-at-large.

Lunar Cycles. Supports releasing unwanted energies and setting intentions in alignment with the full moon and new moon phases.

Light BodyAwakening your light body allows for greater alignment with your expanded nature.

Primordial MindThrough your ever-present inner observer, ­merge with this collective force that joins us ­together, where one is all and all is one.

Spiral of Time. Use your intention to explore specific times or open yourself to visiting a particular time that might assist with a current issue.

These recordings come bundled with the audio program guide, Becoming More Whole: Spirit. Lunar Cycles includes a separate instruction booklet or PDF.



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