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This recording induces profound states of relaxation and a calm, centered awareness in the present moment, serving as a foundation for deep, meditative states.

I was amazed at the instant quieting effect of the recording. My whole body, but especially my heart area, responded totally and deeply to the vibrations and sounds emanating from the chanting and the drumming. I plan to play it every day that I can.
— Vivian Franck

2 recordings
39 minutes each
verbal: YES | nonverbal: YES
verbal guidance: MEDIUM

Om Sample:

For best results, listen with headphones.

NOTE: This recording is identical to the Om 2 tracks included with Foundation Series 2.

Feedback From Our Listeners:

I had to listen to this one three times because I could not believe it was doing what it was doing. Your first version of OM has always been my most favorite sound therapy ever but this one tops the first one. I felt like the harmonics reverberated into eternity - I don't know how else to describe this. It was so robust. More importantly to me though since I am still healing from an incredibly severe melanoma all over my body what did happen was, and this is also difficult to describe, but, it was a though a fuzzy sort of electricity came over the affected parts of my body. And this happened all three times. WHATEVER DID YOU GUYS DO???? My gosh! And THANK YOU!!! - Tracy T.

Experiencing this recording enhanced my feeling of oneness with all vibrations spiritual and exquisite. Somewhere in the middle of it, I emerged into a conscious state just long enough to become aware of the knowledge this was healing my soul. Soul expansion is my favorite experience in the universe...healing new awareness in me is so very precious. And profoundly powerful. Thanks for your brilliant work. - Bambie

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