Cosmic Womb

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Originally developed as sound support for the sacred act of giving birth to reduce stress and anxiety while pregnant, all can experience this timeless state of calm, peaceful tranquility. It's healthy for mom, baby and people of all ages.

Cosmic Womb has deepened my meditations significantly. That's remarkable given my 44-year history of meditating. If I am very tired, a 30-minute nap while listening to Cosmic Womb makes me feel like I had three hours of sleep.
— Mark Pitstick

1 recording
70 minutes
verbal guidance: NONE

Cosmic Womb sample:

For best results, listen with headphones or good quality speakers.

We suggest focusing on loving feelings while listening. Babies later recognize what they hear in the womb, reminding them of that peaceful state of nurturing adoration, providing a calming effect. Soothing to all who listen, a reverent atmosphere ensues when played over speakers, even during daily activities or while performing focused tasks.

Composed with the charming and elegant Koshi Chime, handmade from bamboo and glass at the foot of the Pyrenean mountains, rich in overtones with a unique and harmonious melody each time it is played.

Embedded within the chimes are 6hz theta tones that heighten the relaxing sensations.

Customer Reviews

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This album is extremely soothing and relaxing. I highly recommend it.

Liza Friend
Love chimes

Nice to have a long recording of chimes for relaxing and body work practices.

Sven Uftring

Your new Cosmic Womb is absolutely amazing, one of the best sounds you ever created. Many, many thanks for that.

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