Healing Center

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Refresh and revitalize your health with a focus on inner healing for relaxation and rejuvenation. Use your intention to visualize "wellness" for whatever ailment you wish to resolve, and absorb healing on all levels.

Healing Center is a product that I come back to as a constant.  I tend to go to sleep with this one at night to help augment my body's natural healing cycle.  Otherwise it's just very complimentary with other healing exercises I do regularly.  It's terrific preventative health-care!
— Brian Comerford

2 recordings
39 minutes each
verbal: YES | nonverbal: YES
verbal guidance: MEDIUM

Healing Center sample:

For best results, listen with headphones.

Take a guided tour through a waterfall to refresh and release, then enter a crystal cavern and merge with color energies. From there, you will encounter a center of healing followed by an extended period of integration. 

The healing center in this recording is considered to be an etheric representation of an actual place of healing. It can be visited at any time for general rejuvenation, or to manage a particular health issue. Use your intention to visualize "wellness" for whatever ailment you wish to heal.

Accompanying frequencies support an extended period in delta and low alpha brainwave states.

Customer Reviews

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Maria Rosario Ruiz Cabrera

Lo he trabajado poco

Rodger Bamford

I've only played it a few times but have found it both relaxing and stimulating.
I may buy some some others

Daniel J Mannen
Healing Angels / Healing Spirits

This MP3 (Healing Center) is an excellent resource to help oneself enter deeply into our needed healing space. I do this for myself, and I also "bring" other friends in with me when they are in need of healing. The potential for healing is real and can be profound!

Patti Ullett
Healing Center

Profound sensory experience that deeply accesses our natural ability to identify and heal the body.

Many of the title

Hello , Can i have the mp3 in german? Thank you and all the best. Andre

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