Heart Center 2

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Create more love, joy, compassion and connection to others by grounding your heart's energy, then expanding it to infinite levels, bringing more awareness to your non-physical self.

The heart meditation is amazing. The recording of sound, vibration and guided words were heartfelt. I felt energy in waves as I listened and felt various sensations of heat, tingling, and muscular tension release as I become one with the recording. I look forward to listening to the others but for now will focus and re-listen to this first recordings for many more times. A sincere thank you for making these recordings available to us in search of an enlightened path with the help of sound and vibration. I know I will be ordering more recordings to share with others.
— Linda M.

2 recordings
39 minutes each
verbal: YES | nonverbal: YES
verbal guidance: MEDIUM

Heart Center 2 sample:

For best results, listen with headphones.

Heart energy is our focal point of unconditional love at the core of all existence. The heart is much more than a physical organ, it generates a powerful electromagnetic field. Cultivate a greater awareness of this vast energy and feel the heart expand to an unlimited state of being.

Bringing awareness to the heart assists with moving away from mind chatter going on in the head. The expansion exercise included on the recording can be used throughout your day to maintain regular attention on the heart, adding to your ability to maintain this more conscious and expanded state.

Accompanying frequencies support theta and alpha brainwave states.

"I have listened several times and very much enjoy the deeper, more resonant AUM sequence in Heart Center 2.  It vibrates right to my core as I chant along.  I am sure there are other differences that are too subtle for my detection.  Although I was content with the original Heart Center recording, I prefer the new version.  It seems to help me go deeper into my prayer and meditation."

Dick H.

Customer Reviews

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Absolutely beautiful

This meditation aligned me with my heart's energy in the most powerful way. Just minutes in, tears started pouring down my face and I received multiple downloads that are very helpful for my current situation in life. Thank you, the Sacred Acoustics team, for the beautiful work that you do by giving us access to these beautiful tools. <3


thank you so much for heart center 2. After hearing, I feel often so much love, joy and compassion, it's incredible. It makes life easier and better in all areas, especially in the more difficult ones.

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