What Are Your Personal Goals?

Sacred Acoustics audio recordings offer support to achieve your personal goals.

Reduce anxiety. A regular practice can achieve this goal, and Cosmic Womb and Water are a great place to start. Whole Mind Bundle was used in a pilot study showing a 26% reduction in anxiety.

Better sleep. Try these Sleep tracks to support efficient daytime naps and all night rest.

Support a therapeutic practice. Use Professional Bundle during massage, hypnosis, acupuncture or energy healing.

Be more creative. Listen to the Creativity Bundle to tap into inspiration for fine arts, writing, problem-solving, sports visualization and more. 

Improve my relationships. Whole Heart Bundle offers a pathway for seeing the bigger picture and patterns within relationships. 

Find my higher purposeTransformation Bundle supports the goal to become more attuned to your spiritual nature. Whole Spirit Bundle offers advanced techniques for consciousness exploration.

I have other goals. Discover more options here.

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