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For those who want the whole library of Sacred Acoustics recordings at once at a deep discount, this is the bundle for you! This incredible variety of recordings will help you in many ways improve your life.

I’m so glad I chose to buy the Ultimate Bundle, with all these selections each and every day I get a new experience to enjoy. I feel so at peace and relaxed during and afterwards. I often jot down in my journal if I had any unique experiences. I’ve had some incredible releases of old stuck energies flow out of me through my tears for healing. I feel like I’ve become a lot more aware and have more intuition lately. Even my dreams are more vivid, I find them to be prophetic as well. My husband and I both listen daily, we are so thankful to you all for creating these wonderful sacred sounds. Thank you kindly.
- Lori Roddey

*Does not include Lo Ban Pai Trance, available for purchase separately.

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