Embodying Sacred Connections

Each of the audio meditation recordings used throughout the Embodying Sacred Connections course hosted by the Infinity Foundation and presented by Eben Alexander and Karen Newell are samples from longer recordings, noted below. Contact Us with any questions.

Intro/Outro Music

An ideal soundscape for reducing anxiety and stress, Cosmic Womb offers a timeless state of calm, peaceful tranquility. Embedded with theta frequencies.

1 track (non-guided)
70 minutes

Morning - Awareness

The first recording of Foundation Series 2, and available separately, Om 2 induces profound states of relaxation and a calm, centered awareness in the present moment. Includes delta and high theta frequencies.

2 tracks (guided and non-guided)
39 minutes each

The full collection - Om, Earth, Blue and Portal - lays the groundwork for attaining increasingly deep states of consciousness. Each recording builds on the previous, ultimately taking you on a journey through an acoustic spiral portal to a deep, profound state of consciousness.

8 tracks (guided and non-guided)
39 minutes each

Afternoon - Peace

This recording includes an activation of your Light Body and affirmations to bring more light into every part of you, down to the very cells and neurons in your body and all levels of existence.

Accompanying frequencies include harmonic combinations of the Solfeggio frequencies designed to support varying levels of delta, theta, alpha and gamma brainwave states.

2 tracks (guided and non-guided)
39 minutes each
1 track (non-guided)
70 minutes


Whole Mind Bundle

Learn to entrain the brain to states of delta, theta and alpha. These recordings and listening protocols reduced anxiety by 26% in a Manhattan psychiatric practice after two weeks of listening. These recordings can also assist with sleep, relaxation and focus.

For those with economic uncertainty, please select the FREE option (MP3 format) with our gratitude for making time to calm the mind and reduce anxiety.

6 tracks (guided and non-guided)
20 minutes each
3 tracks (non-guided)
70 minutes each

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