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What our Happy Listeners Say

I was amazed at the instant quieting effect of the recording. My whole body, but especially my heart area, responded totally and deeply to the vibrations and sounds emanating from the chanting and the drumming.  Thank you so much for the free Om download, I plan to play it every day that I can.
– Vivian Franck

I’ve been listening for the past four nights to the free download as I’ve gone to sleep. As it turns out, I’ve had great dreams! The reason I’ve taken notice is because I normally have very disturbing dreams and sometimes nightmares. This has been an unexpected and wonderful experience.
– Nanci Lane

This free sample is the most effective sound meditation I have ever heard. My chatter stopped and it helped me to stay better centered in myself.
– Konstantin

Thanks for the free demo, the sound is AMAZING!!!!
– Deborah W.

I'm amazed listening to this 20 min. OM. It's as if I can feel the frequency in every cell of my being. I have found a peace that resides hidden amongst my racing mind. I feel rested-yet at the same time tired from what feels like possible energy shifts.
– Alaine M.

I just want to say a BIG THANK YOU for delivering the sacred acoustic music. I downloaded it for free yesterday and decided to try it out. I have been meditating daily for the past 3 years and often become frustrated due to the wandering mind. I was so impressed with yesterday's session that I was looking forward to another session today. I had a "glimpse" of pure bliss. As soon as I recognized and said "this is it!" it vanished. HOWEVER, the feeling will not be forgotten. I did an additional 20 minutes and have never enjoyed meditation so much. So, thank-you for this free download - a real gift!!!
– Suzanne R.