Whole Heart Bundle

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Bring more love into your life and the world through a regular practice of attention to the heart. Find more balance and stability, a retreat from worry and distractions, and fully realize your authentic nature as a loving, creative force.

Included with this bundle is the audio program guide, Becoming More Whole: Heart.

Audio recordings included in this bundle: Heart Presence, Heart Center 2, Golden LightLove Body

Heart Presence (2-CD set/8 tracks) - Activate heart awareness on a daily basis, bringing increased intuition, enhanced creativity and greater compassion. As stored emotional traumas are cleared, you become more whole as your true essence begins to radiate from within.

Heart Center 2 (2 tracks) - Becoming aware of the heart's powerful electromagnetic field activates the heart's energetic qualities, a reflection to the world of your inner state. Holding supportive emotions and thoughts within your heart while simultaneously feeling a connection to the magnitude of the universe demonstrates the ultimate golden rule.

Golden Light (2 tracks) - After bringing awareness to the heart and grounding it in the earth, from here, move your awareness to the sun and invite that light to enter the top of your head. This liquid golden light enters your heart and circulates through your entire system, enlivening you with vibrating, pulsating energy.

Love Body (2-CD set/3 tracks) - An invocation that starts from within and connects you to the creative source of the universe. Become the love that you are with this spellbinding soundscape and fully embody divine love from source, the force that binds us all.


So, here it is - Slap me silly, Karen!  This was foot-stomping astounding for me! The new voice just rounded out this whole thing.  Wow!  I just wanna go back and be in that place a lot.  I felt like I was suspended, floating, being uplifted to the Divine in the sounds, bathed in them.  And felt like energetic blankets of love were being laid upon this bubble I was in - laid upon me by angels.  Oh wow!  It was incredible, resonant, totally unexpected. I also feel just fired up!  I mean, I feel like I can take on the world safely doing the radio show where we'll be talking about a lot of problems, glyphosates, chemtrails, etc...  But I know that these sounds will keep me focused on love and I have spent a lot of time trying to figure out how not to preach the problem but to focus on the solution - which is always a loving awareness but can be soooo hard to get there.  Thank you, thank you, thank you guys for spending your time doing this!!
 Tracy Tucker

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