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Thank you for your interest in the Sacred Acoustics Om sound recording utilizing binaural beats.

I just want to say a BIG THANK YOU for delivering the sacred acoustic music. I downloaded it for free yesterday and decided to try it out. I have been meditating daily for the past 3 years and often become frustrated due to the wandering mind. I was so impressed with yesterday's session that I was looking forward to another session today. I had a "glimpse" of pure bliss. As soon as I recognized and said "this is it!" it vanished. HOWEVER, the feeling will not be forgotten. I did an additional 20 minutes and have never enjoyed meditation so much. So, thank-you for this free download - a real gift!!!
– Suzanne R.

Thanks for the free demo, the sound is AMAZING!!!!
– Deborah W.

I listened to the free download last afternoon and woke in the night with the most profound heart opening I have ever experienced in my 34 years of different spiritual practices. About 10 days ago I listened to the download twice but ended up feeling so incredibly empty like my mind had been open to all the old stories. However at least I could see as I slept and wept that night that there was a shimmering opening in my brain urging me forward. I guess I have had big anxieties and trauma in the past and have a slight fear of being really undone again. But now as I write this, of course I have to undo to see more.
– Julie C.

I'm amazed listening to this 20 min. OM. It's as if I can feel the frequency in every cell of my being. I have found a peace that resides hidden amongst my racing mind. I feel rested-yet at the same time tired from what feels like possible energy shifts.
– Alaine M.

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DO NOT listen to this audio track while operating a motor vehicle or any other potentially hazardous equipment.

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